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Bass Nasty Fishing has been a little quiet lately, but not from a lack of fishing. BNF has been out on the water using and abusing some really cool tackle. Some of it has been outstanding, and some of it, lets just say BNF isn’t too impressed. And, building a BNF tradition, updates of past reviews will be posted as well.

And now, some teasers pics of reviews in the works:

Meat Beaver. Such a cool name! The question is, will that cool name carry its awesomeness to the bait itself?

Uncle Josh, long known for making jig trailers out of pork have branched out into the creature market with the awesomely named Meat Beaver. Uncle Josh Bait Company

The Jackall Poison Heritage ‘Delta Spec’ rod, in all it’s JDM glory.

BNF is all about domination. Dominating the cover. Dominating the fish. The Jackall Poison Heritage Delta Spec is 7’3″ of XXH action and heavy cover domination. And guess what? It’s no broomstick! Jackall Japan

The Owner Yuki Bug 4.3″

The Owner Yuki Bug 4.3″ soft plastic creature bait. Is it weird looking? Yes. Does it work? Can I get a Hell Yeah!? Rage Rig this baby and you’re fishing one crazy bass catching bait! Owner Hooks USA

Say hello to my not so little friend, the 8″ Louie the Lizard

Paul Krew’s Elite Custom Baits has taken custom bait pours to a whole new level, and the 8″ Louie the Lizard is a fantastic example of what you can get. This color is Blue bottom and tail, Purple Pearl Vein, Black top, Red Eyes, or  Lights Out for short! Paul Krew’s Elite Custom Baits

The ALX Rods BNF Special. Can you guess what it’s for?

What every heavy cover fisherman requires: A purpose built 7’11” heavy cover tactical weapon. Has the finesse to deliver baits into the nasty stuff, and the power to get the biggest slaunches out. ALX Rods